Our Culture

Our Most Valuable Asset

Our people are our most valuable asset. We believe real-time working sessions among team members strengthen relationships and increase efficiency. As a team we integrate a variety of perspectives and generate solutions that are often innovative and always effective. Inspiration can come from anywhere: from our core leadership, from our administrative team, or from day-to-day interactions. Our team accomplishes more together than any person could alone.

We host monthly team lunches and happy hours, we play games, and we take on team challenges. Having fun together fosters camaraderie, collaboration, open communication, and lets us get to know each other’s hidden talents.

Best Places to Work

Our staff voted TEECOM one of the Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area. And our excellent customer service, driven by happy TEEm members, has made TEECOM one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Bay Area. Meanwhile, growing so quickly has exposed us to lots of challenging and complex projects that demand innovative solutions such as our California Academy of Sciences project, named one of the World’s Top 15 Greenest IT Projects by InfoWorld.