The Internet of Things

None of us is smarter than all of us. This maxim for people also works for devices and is the operative theory behind the Internet of Things. In this launch issue of Engage, we look at the opportunities and challenges that emerge when you enable smart machines to communicate and learn from one another. It’s a technology shift that is already dramatically altering how we interface with the built environment.

Engage with: The Internet of Things

5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Workplace Design
Posted by Editorial Team
What Is the Internet of Things and How Will it Change Workplace Design?
Posted by Josh Srago
One Minute Data Download: Internet of Things (IoT) Essentials
Posted by Editorial Team

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  • Trend Report: Smart Devices and Big Data at Integrated Systems Europe 2017

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    Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the largest audiovisual systems integration conference in the world. This year’s show took place in Amsterdam in early February. More than 73,000 people attended, and there were more than a thousand exhibitors. This year’s ISE theme revolved around “Smart Buildings.” Although this term can mean many things, the two main questions put forward … Read more

  • At SFO, the Big Room Produces Big Results

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    Team collaboration is a challenge for any project — and the larger the project, the bigger the challenge. San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 1 renovation is a truly huge project. At 1,100,000 sf and $2.4 billion in construction costs, it involves more than 20 design firms and will be phased over nine years. It’s so complex, in fact, … Read more

  • Audiovisual Design Tips for a Corporate Presentation Space Worthy of a TED Talk

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    With all-hands meetings, knowledge shares, events, and exhibitor demos becoming more common, organizations expect more from their internal presentation spaces. These areas have to be dynamic, flexible, and easy to use. In addition, presenters often want to reach colleagues beyond the office walls, in remote locations, and even at different times, so recording these events has … Read more

  • TEECOM Marks the First Anniversary of its Dedicated Team in Europe

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Leading integrated technology consulting firm TEECOM has seen recent growth and expansion of its UK-based operations covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa, in the year that also marks the 20th anniversary of the company. Led by TEECOM Principal Blair Parkin since launching in April 2016, the highly skilled team has enjoyed industry recognition … Read more

  • TEECOM Expands Service Reach with New Portland, Oregon Office

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Oakland, California, USA — A virtual reality research environment. The world’s largest digital planetarium. Elegant single-card security access for a technology campus. TEECOM’s design engineering talent has brought all of these immersive experiences to life — and now the fast-growing firm brings its talent to Portland, Oregon. TEECOM’s new Portland office answers a … Read more