Technology is Changing Transportation

Door-to-door connection. Driverless cars. Superspeed. No lines! Technology-supported transportation promises to improve the traveler experience. So how do we get there? The road is rife with issues, not the least of which is the need for a better infrastructure. Our featured content explores airports, Hyperloop, and more in an effort to glean the future of transportation.

Transportation Trends: Future Tech
Posted by Editorial Team
Mass Transportation Trends: Challenges & Solutions at SFO
Posted by Editorial Team
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies: Transformative or Hype?
Posted by Editorial Team
At SFO, the Big Room Produces Big Results
Posted by Rob Friend

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    In 1854, the city of Oakland, California’s first mayor Horace Carpentier proclaimed, “The chief ornament and attraction of this city consists, doubtless, in the magnificent grove of evergreen oaks which covers its present site and from which it takes both its former name of ‘Encinal’ and its present one of ‘Oakland.’” Cut to post-industrial-revolution Oakland, 170 years older and hundreds of thousands … Read more

  • Transportation Trends: Future Tech

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    In part one of this blog, we discussed how San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 1 project represents mass transportation trends as it rolls toward its 2022 opening. For part two, we sat down again with Senior Design Engineer Rob Friend, RCDD, RTPM, and Design Engineer Paul Herget, ECSE, to envision the future beyond. What will travel look like in … Read more