Best Place to Work

TEECOM Virtual RealityYour work. Your preferences.


Want to work from home when you need to?

You can do that. By having the right tools in place (fast laptop, reliable VPN, robust network), you can work anywhere you need, in the office, your home, or in the field. With cloud-based productivity tools like Slack, Google Apps, PlanGrid, Asana, Highfive, and Confluence, you will feel connected to the team just as if you were sitting with them. We will even help you customize your IT equipment to fit your exact needs. Who doesn’t love that?!

How do you like to be recognized?

Everyone (OK, mostly everyone) loves being recognized one way or another. We offer a multitude of ways to do this. Whether it is on our video wall, social media, Slack, GOM (general office meeting), or Bonusly points from your fellow co-worker, whatever it is, if you do something amazing we want everyone to know about it.

Have something to say?

We listen. Everyone at TEECOM has a voice and has an opportunity to be heard. If you have an idea to make the office better, or a new tool or process that you think we should start using, let everyone know. We are not afraid to implement new things. “Our best ideas are the ones that come directly from our employees,” says David Marks, TEECOM’s CEO, from his weekly one-on-one employee lunch feedback meetings.

Your life. Enjoy it!


Do you enjoy going to work?

When you spend more time in the office than you do at home, you should enjoy it, right? We believe that having a work-life balance (or work-life blend, whichever you prefer) is essential to a healthy and happy life. Want to see how we spend time together? Check out our Facebook page.

Are you proud of the projects you design?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to point to all the great projects that you’ve worked on? Having worked on such iconic and important projects as California Academy of Sciences, SFMOMA Expansion, and the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, it is only natural to be proud of the work that we all contribute to. Interested in our iconic projects? Learn more here.

Do you have the next big idea?

You live in the technology innovation center of the world, with direct access to the Research and Development (R&D) team at TEECOM. You have the opportunity to make that idea become a reality. Together we are exploring how software and hardware can enhance the user experience within the built environment, and we invite you to join in the conversation. Learn more from our Director of Research, Alex Serriere.

Your community. Your cause. Our responsibility.


Want to make an impact on your community?

You will find it easy to work together to make a significant impact on our community. From organized events, such as our annual Earth Day event, to regularly volunteering at the Alameda County Community Food Bank, we always look for ways where we can make a difference.

Do you have an organization you contribute to?

What if you could double your contribution? Yes, you heard correctly! Double your contribution. How, you ask? For every dollar that you donate, TEECOM will match that dollar, doubling the benefits to your organization. If you support the cause, then so does TEECOM.

Check out our Giving Back page to learn more.