Make Great Money

careers-380x300-patch day-09Your expertise. Your money.


Are you being compensated for your expertise?

As an expert in your field, you should be compensated for the value and work that you bring to the firm. Understanding that we would not be successful without our employees, TEECOM ensures that everyone is highly compensated for his or her expertise. We are known for offering compensation packages that are some of the highest in our market, as well as providing an incentive program that is unparalleled by any other firm in our industry.

When is the last time you received a quarterly bonus?

Bonuses and incentives are something that we believe you earn. By going above and beyond for a client or team member, improving a process, or just being an all around great person, TEECOM will recognize your efforts and reward you generously.

Licenses and certifications, you care? We do too!

Becoming a professional engineer (PE), a certified protection professional (CPP), a registered communication distribution designer (RCDD), or a certified technology specialist (CTS), among many others, is important to you and your career. To help you prepare for these extensive certifications, TEECOM covers all exam expenses, and rewards you with substantial cash bonuses to acknowledge your dedication to bettering yourself and the industry.

careers-380x300-Make Great Money-2Your family. Your health. Your benefits.


What if something unexpected happens?

You do your best to plan, but life often takes you in another direction, sometimes without warning. To assist you and your family with life’s unexpected challenges, a complete benefits package (medical/dental/vision) is provided with 100% of the premiums covered, for employees and 50% of the premiums for dependents. This is just one of many benefits that is offered to TEECOM employees.

Are you planning for your future?

It is important to think one step ahead. By having a 401k plan (with profit sharing!), life and long-term disability insurance, a flexible spending account, and transit plan, we ensure that our employees and their families are taken care of today and in the future.