Parkland Hospital Hard Hat Tour

Ever wonder what the largest hospital in the nation looks like under construction? I Stand for Parkland has created a video tour of the New Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas that takes you behind the scenes of this 3,300,000 sf hospital campus.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): The Future of VOIP

Watch Mark Spindler, TEECOM’s VoIP Systems Engineer, illustrate how the future of VoIP is delivered through seamless integration between the cellular network and the Wi-Fi network on an integrated enterprise technology infrastructure.

Changing Lives Through Internships

TEECOM believes in giving back to the community by providing a meaningful and professional experience to teens and young adults who seek real-world experience.

Software – The Future of Buildings

David Marks, TEECOM CEO, explores a transformative paradigm shift within the built environment: from passive buildings, to buildings that engage us directly. From discovering the location of assets (whether people, a conference room, or a desk for a couple of hours) to simply launching a presentation (based upon location) in user friendly manner – the way in which we live, work, play, and inspire within buildings is changing.