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Moscone Convention Center West

San Francisco, CA

Moscone Center TEECOM

OverviewMoscone Center TEECOM

The City/County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency commissioned a massive expansion of the existing Moscone Center in 2003. TEECOM played a key role in the expansion of the city’s primary convention facility, encompassing both telecommunications and security systems. The expansion consisted of the construction of three new above-ground levels for convention and meeting space, with an additional underground level devoted to loading docks, storage, and other functions.

(Photograph ©John Louie)

Moscone Center TEECOMTEECOM’s Contribution

TEECOM provided the full range of research, design, and construction administration services, from evaluating existing facilities and systems, programming and creating comprehensive telecom and security systems design, to producing full construction documents. TEECOM worked with the construction team to resolve field conflicts in a timely manner and to maintain both the system’s design intent and schedule integrity.

(Photograph ©John Louie)

Benefit to the Client

A major client goal was to offer high performance communications capabilities both to event producers and conventioneers. TEECOM met this challenge while also designing a system with the flexibility to handle regular reconfigurations and the durability to allow weekly reconnections without damaging the systems. Since conventions often feature the display of extremely valuable equipment & merchandise, Moscone Center needed a secure exhibition environment. In response, TEECOM planned a project-wide system of interior & exterior cameras, digital recording devices, and playback stations to maximize the effective visual coverage of the entire site.

Services Provided



High-performance UTP & Fiber Optic Backbone Cabling; Redundant Public Network Services; High-Performance Category Cabling



Access Control and Alarm Monitoring; CCTV Systems

Moscone Convention Center West

Location 800 Howard Street San Francisco CA, 94103

Project Type Convention Center

Project Team

Owner: Moscone
Architect: Gensler

Project Size

770,000 sf

Completion Date



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