It’s impossible to predict the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for it. TEECOMlabs, our in-house self-funded research group, tests, develops, and recommends technology that informs our design and engineering solutions. TEECOMlabs was born out of the recognition that today’s built environments are enlivened not just by hardware, but by software — that they are not just infrastructure, but interfaces — and that a true integration of technology will change the very nature of our spatial experience. By examining big-picture trends, we help our clients make informed choices and build resilience for future change.

Imagine a world where physical space is more than a passive container; it’s an active participant in the collaborative workflows that are crucial to the success of modern business. We call this concept the socialbuilding® — a building embedded with ubiquitous connectivity, abundant data, and powerful software. The concept of a building as the platform for transformative technologies informs our vision for integrated design.

With infrastructure, we’re constantly pushing our clients to look ahead and make choices that will allow for maximum flexibility. With interfaces, we see a significant opportunity to push the state of the art forward as well. Apps for Buildings is an opportunity to showcase some of our interface ideas and turn them into actual products. As part of TEECOMlab, it is a work in progress and always evolving.

The digital connection to the workspaces we inhabit has stagnated. We still use the same clunky tools we’ve always used to reserve space, control conference room AV, and navigate large facilities. Through the convergence of IT and AV, TEECOM is working to change that: the workspace for the future will make it easier to find, connect with, and control the spaces we use on a daily basis.