Our Culture

Our Values

TEECOM Core Values

Fundamental to everything we do—from engineering and strategy to technology project management—are the principles of CARETRUST, and VALUE.

Our commitment to intentional and thoughtful listening enables us to be responsive and proactive. We set clear goals from the start so that we can always meet your expectations. We ask the right questions in order to understand your needs, offer innovative solutions, and challenge assumptions.


Teamwork permeates the TEECOM culture. Whether it’s collaborating on a project, innovating future possibilities in the built environment, inspiring our clients, or celebrating an event, our team enjoys solving problems together.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We believe real-time working sessions among team members strengthen relationships and increase efficiency. As a team we integrate a variety of perspectives and generate solutions that are often innovative and always effective. Inspiration can come from anywhere: from our core leadership, from our administrative team, or from day-to-day interactions. Our team accomplishes more together than any person could alone.

Best Place to Work

We are the largest firm of our kind in the western U.S., with more certified and credentialed professionals than all of our competitors combined. We are ranked as one of the Largest Engineering Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the Best Places to Work, and one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide an excellent work environment and employee culture that delivers the best results for our clients.