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Information drives modern governance. A secure network, reliable audiovisual communication systems, public and private security zones, and acoustics for performance and comfort are all essential elements of a successful civic facility. TEECOM listens carefully to stakeholders of civic and government projects and works toward user-friendly solutions that protect financial stewardship, provide accessible and inclusive interactions, and carry today’s jurisdictions into tomorrow.

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Innovative cultural institutions are defined by imaginative immersion enabled by technology. Visitors expect seamless experiences that border on magic: virtual deep sea adventures, interactive video projection, location-based information pushed to personal mobile devices. TEECOM works closely with architects, content providers, exhibit designers, and venue owners to envision and engineer solutions that enrich learning and research today, while building in flexibility for future technologies.


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As technology increasingly enables diagnostics, clinical, and hospital-based services, healthcare facilities become robust platforms for information, innovation, and compliance. Electronic medical records, patient scheduling, remote patient monitoring, educational content, medication reminders… in today’s practice, these everyday functions require an advanced, converged technology infrastructure designed for ubiquitous connectivity, cybersecurity, and future flexibility.

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Higher Education

Every year, a new class of the most wired, connected, and technology-savvy individuals heads for higher educational institutions, bringing with them expectations for what it means to be “cutting edge.” TEECOM works with higher ed leaders to address the challenges of creating modern systems that meet near-term needs while maintaining the flexibility required to support the digital initiatives of tomorrow. Our goal is to design infrastructure and systems that allow faculty, staff, and students around the world to seamlessly navigate physical and virtual space.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Today’s mission critical facility faces infrastructure demands greater than ever before. The need for multi-functional space for data drives investment in resource-efficient facilities that are secure but also agile and operationally transparent. Cloud computing has created the need for infrastructure capable of handling increased density such as hyperscale data center platforms. Our dedicated team has more than 2,500,000 sf of hyperscale data center experience implementing cabling infrastructure for fabric networks.



Transportation infrastructure increasingly incorporates complex technology which requires careful advance planning and must meet rigorous security regulations. TEECOM’s engineering and project management experts steer large projects to success by anticipating milestone challenges and staying on top of regulatory requirements. Our work at major international airports, border crossings, and mass transit facilities advances emerging technologies while building in resilience.



The modern commercial office building is an ecosystem, teeming with data. Environmental controls, card readers, fire & life safety, audiovisual systems… every piece of infrastructure communicates in real time, providing facilities managers and occupants with a wealth of information about space utilization, comfort, and security. When it comes to creating a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent, technology infrastructure is your firm’s secret weapon. TEECOM’s technical expertise directly benefits your workplace strategy by delivering the unified network and integrated systems necessary to support today’s mobile work habits, operational efficiency, best-in-class conferencing, and display of branded or informational content.