Who We Are

What We Do

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TEECOM offers strategic consulting, technology project management, and engineering services for building IT infrastructure, wired and wireless networks, immersive environments, acoustics, audiovisual, safety and security systems. Our services prepare clients for emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, and conversational interfaces. It is our goal to create engaging environments that advance performance, sustainability, and discovery.


How We Work

We develop a strategy to unify your business operations, user expectations, and design priorities in one infrastructure solution. As organizations build, expand, or renovate we help them make informed technology decisions that consistently save millions of dollars and streamline project delivery. Clients end up purchasing only the technology that they need, having systems that are adaptable and accommodate future advancements in technology.

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Who Our Clients Are

We work with public institutions, tech giants, the Fortune 500, architects, developers, and contractors. Since 1997, TEECOM has created the vision for, designed, or managed over 2,000 technology systems for leading clients such as San Francisco International Airport, The American Museum of Natural History, and Google. TEECOM has helped each of these organizations make critical technology decisions and, in many cases, helped them save money. For example, Salesforce saves $1.2 million per year operationally, UCSF saved $7 million on a building renovation, and UC Berkeley saved $12.5 million on an adaptive re-use.

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What Makes Us Different

We have a research and development team working on pushing forward what’s possible. We are the largest firm of our kind in the western U.S., with more certified and credentialed professionals than all of our competitors combined. We are ranked as one of the Largest Engineering Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the Best Places to Work, and one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide an excellent work environment and employee culture that delivers the best results for our clients. Excellence starts from within.