Lobby Transit

Lobby Transitâ„¢ keeps you moving. It makes it easy to set up a transit display in your office with real-time departure information and travel advisories. Just download the app, connect your iOS device to an external display, and choose a nearby station.

Real-Time Departure Display

See departure information for nearby transit stops in real-time!

Advisory Information

Get notified of transit issues before they impact your travel plans.

External Display Support

Maximize the visibility of your installation by connecting to a large display.

All-In-One System

No need for additional hardware or software: just download the app to your iPad and have an instant transit display.


Choose a theme that fits your space. Edit the title text to add a personal message.

Choose Your Transit Agency

Lobby Transit currently supports three Bay Area transit agencies: BART, Muni Metro, and Caltrain.

Configuration Guide

Click the above link for detailed instructions on how to get Lobby Transit up and running. You'll also find details on some of the best-practices that we've found make for the best installations.