Room Phone

Room Phoneâ„¢ puts conference room call control at your fingertips. Stop messing around with confusing, single-purpose control systems that aren't connected to your address book. Use your own iPhone or iPad, your own contact list, and Room Phone to get your conference calls started with ease.

Phone System Control

Easily control conference room phone systems with your iOS device.

Connects With Wi-Fi

Connect to your Wi-Fi network and control systems connected to the network.

All of Your Rooms

Add every room with supported dialing hardware and easily switch between them.

Use Your Contacts

Dial from your own contact list. No more holding your phone in one hand while you misdial numbers with the other hand.

Volume Up or Down

Keep your seat and make volume adjustments to your sound and your caller's.

Mute With Confidence

Sometimes you need a moment to yourself; make it just one moment with mute control at your fingertips.

Supported hardware for Room Phone

Click the above link for a list of currently supported hardware. You'll also find a listing of the required connection information for your device.