Personal & Professional Growth


TEECOM provides the resources for professional development from start to seniority.

Every employee has the opportunity to attend TEECOMuniversity, an in-house training program with instructor-led courses (online and in person), quizzes, hands-on learning, and project site walks covering fundamentals of each of our service areas. These courses offer the latest in best practices to keep our staff up to date in the marketplace.


If you’ve had a great mentor in the past, you understand the impact it can have on your personal and professional growth. Your mentor supports you, asks and answers tough questions, and provides you with the perspective and candid feedback that you need to grow. TEECOM pairs you with a mentor, and encourages you to establish a regular schedule of check-ins, to ensure that you accomplish your personal goals and career aspirations.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

You have something unique and special to share. We all do! That’s what makes us all great and special. It is important for everyone to have a voice and share knowledge in our office and this is done in many ways every single day. We hold weekly knowledge sharing sessions, where anyone can share and teach new skills and lessons learned.

Industry organization membership

We get it. You need to reach beyond your firm and learn from other peers to expand your knowledge base and network. Not only will TEECOM pay for your annual membership to industry organizations, but you are encouraged to take leadership positions. We also love to hear what you learn and invite you to share with the rest of the team during our weekly knowledge sharing sessions.

Licenses & certifications

Becoming a professional engineer (PE), a certified protection professional (CPP), a registered communication distribution designer (RCDD), or a certified technology specialist (CTS), among many others, is important to you and your career. To help you prepare for these extensive certifications, TEECOM covers all time and materials to study, and rewards you with substantial cash bonuses to acknowledge your dedication to bettering yourself and the industry. As a result of our culture of support and expectation for licenses and certifications, we have an unusually high proportion of licensed, certified staff, and this helps differentiate us in the industry.

Two weeks of paid training a year

You’ll receive two weeks of training every year through in-house classes, visiting consultants, or through your participation at educational events and conferences within your field of expertise. This allows you to pursue new certifications, stay current with existing ones, and learn about new areas of our industry. TEECOM also helps to pay the tuition and select associated costs for qualified advanced degrees.

Professional development planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Having a plan in place helps you prepare for the future, and it puts you on the right track to achieve and surpass your goals. Every year, you have the opportunity to discuss your one, five, and ten year aspirations with our CEO, your manager, and your mentor to help you strategize and set objectives about your future and develop a plan to get you there.

Quarterly feedback

If you did something great, wouldn’t you want to know? And, if you made a mistake, wouldn’t you really want to know? We believe you have the right to know, as it is the only way to truly learn from your experience. Candid feedback is a part of TEECOM’s culture; we conduct quarterly 360 reviews which allow each of us to gain the perspective that we all need to grow.