David Marks and The socialbuilding® Platform

David Marks

Imagine a world where physical space is not merely a passive container but rather an active participant in the collaborative workflows that are crucial to the success of modern business. We call this concept the socialbuilding® platform — a building at the confluence of ubiquitous connectivity, abundant data, and powerful software.

David Marks, TEECOM’s CEO, welcomes all conversations regarding the concept of the socialbuilding® platform and encourages you to start thinking differently about the buildings that surround us.


David Marks
David Marks, President and CEO

Believing that people are the key to a successful services business, David began early in his career surrounding himself with the best people, treating them like family, and giving them the tools necessary to do outstanding work for the firm’s clients. His clear-eyed vision for TEECOM has turned it into the largest integrated technology engineering firm of its kind, with a portfolio of clients who demand the most innovative solutions.