Improving Productivity Using Mobile Apps

Kenneth Webb Jr.

Kenneth Webb Jr., TEECOM’s Principal and VP of Operations, articulates the usefulness of mobile app technology to improve efficiencies realized during the design and construction process.


Going Paperless and Mobile

Going paperless makes it is easy to access and interact with project documents like RFP’s, specifications, and drawings in a real-time manner without being in the office. Mobile is an essential utility that enables engineering and project management TEEm members to deliver the level of lightning-fast responsiveness clients have come to expect from our firm and staff.

Kenneth Webb Jr.
Kenneth Webb Jr., Principal, Executive Vice President

Our vast processes can be a challenge for new engineers when they join the TEEm. Kenneth’s goal is to streamline and distribute them to enable TEECOM to operate at peak efficiency. Kenneth fine-tunes the TEECOM work processes by disseminating knowledge, adopting new tools and templates, and improving the work environment.