Press Release: TEECOM Expands To Los Angeles Region

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OAKLAND, Calif., April 30, 2019 — TEECOM, an innovative building technology firm that has worked with some of the most recognized names in Silicon Valley, is expanding services into the Los Angeles Southern California region.

As technology is increasingly integrated into the fabric of buildings and the built environment, architects, building owners, and tenants seek expert partners who can create engaging environments that advance performance, sustainability, and discovery.

Phyllis Dubinsky, Principal, Regional Business Development Director
Phyllis Dubinsky, Principal, Regional Development Director
Roozbeh Afzal, CTS, RCDD, Principal, Senior Consultant
Roozbeh Afzal, CTS, RCDD, Principal, Senior Consultant

In Los Angeles, with its focus on emerging technologies and digital content creation, this specialized expertise is especially sought.

“Los Angeles is a perfect match for TEECOM’s skill set and offerings,” said Phyllis Dubinsky, principal and regional development director. “TEECOM’s focus on research and development will enable clients to design the future into their spaces. We can take the vision and make it a reliable reality.”

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, TEECOM has partnered with some of the most cutting-edge organizations in the world to design beautiful audiovisual systems, seamless conferencing venues, rock-solid physical security systems, cutting-edge wired and wireless networks, and memorable immersive environments.

Sam Fajner, principal, executive vice president at TEECOM, said, “TEECOM is excited to bring our technology consulting expertise to the LA region. We see our presence benefiting some of the large healthcare, higher ed, and civic institutions, bringing innovation from the center of technology, Silicon Valley.”

Roozbeh Afzal, principal, senior consultant, will be one of the technical leaders for TEECOM’s LA expansion.

“TEECOM is an innovative and forward-thinking firm that is leading the industry in the evolution of technology in the built environment,” said Afzal. “I’ve been so impressed with the great leadership, smart and passionate people, and the powerful team context across the firm. I’m very excited to join TEECOM and looking forward to working with our team to build the LA practice.”

“It’s a calling for TEECOM, in a way,” said Dubinsky. “LA will embrace the kind of energy that TEECOM brings to clients. The firm has a forward vision that translates into technology solutions that challenge convention, while being grounded in reality.”


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