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Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement

San Francisco, CA

Laguna Honda Hospital TEECOM

OverviewLaguna Honda Hospital TEECOM

The Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement Project consisted of two phases: Existing Hospital Remodel/Demolition and New Hospital Construction. The new construction phase of the project included four new residential buildings: two seven-story towers, one six-story tower with a 1,500 sf server room, and one four-story building that links the towers together. The project also called for a renovation of the existing hospital.

(Photograph: David Wakely)

Laguna Honda Hospital TEECOMTEECOM’s Contribution

Although TEECOM was brought into the project much later than the rest of the design team, we took this 1,100,000 sf project from programming through 100% construction documents in less than eight months. TEECOM was able to come up with innovative solutions to make the structured cabling system work without changing the layout of the buildings. The complete design for the new buildings needed to comply with OSHPD requirements. TEECOM coordinated with other members of the design team to ensure the communications system met OSHPD requirements.

(Photograph: David Wakely)


Behind the Walls

Three wings of the existing hospital were remodeled and two wings were demolished to allow room for additional parking. The server room and adjacent PBX room in the six-story tower serve as the main distribution points for the campus for both voice and data systems. Voice and data is distributed throughout the campus over multimode and singlemode fiber.


Services Provided



IT Spaces, Structured Cabling, Pathways, Outside-Plant Cabling

Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement

Location 375 Laguna Honda Boulevard San Francisco CA, 94116

Project Type Hospital

Project Team

Owner: Laguna Honda Hospital
Architect: Stantec

Project Size

640,000 sf

Completion Date


LEED Certification

LEED Silver


David Wakely

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