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Market Square Renovation (1 TENth Street)

San Francisco, CA

Market Square TEECOM

Project OverviewMarket Square TEECOM

In an effort to revitalize San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, 1355 Market Street and 875 Stevenson Street, previously retail warehouses, underwent core and shell improvements that transformed both buildings into modern office and retail space. The 1355 Market Street building, rebranded as Market Square, and the 875 Stevenson Street building, rebranded as 1 TENth Street, span across an entire block in downtown San Francisco. The ground floors of both buildings and the second floor of Market Square were configured into retail space occupied by a variety of national and regional retail tenants to serve the growing residential neighborhood and office population of the Civic Center area. The upper floors of both Market Square and 1 TENth Street were renovated for office accommodation for large floor-plate tenants with high requirements for technological infrastructure.

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Market Square TEECOMTEECOM’s Contribution

Being located in downtown San Francisco, it is invaluable for tenants to feel safe while entering and occupying the facilities. Our security team designed the Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System, Video Surveillance System, Intrusion Detection System, Entry Telephone System, and security interfaces that integrate with the building’s elevators, fire alarm, and parking control system. TEECOM designed a security system that allows tenants to carry one company access card that interfaces with the entire base building system, allowing each tenant to quickly enter and exit areas throughout the facility.

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Benefit to the Client

Having a flexible security and telecommunications design allows for the developer to adjust the space for any type of tenant.  Not only is the riser infrastructure design adaptable, it is also robust to support both small and large tenants and is resilient to afford critical technology redundancy and diversity. In addition, the building’s infrastructure can connect to numerous Telco service providers, making this property competitive in the technology market.

Services Provided



Structured Cabling, Pathways



Access Control and Alarm Monitoring, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Entry Telephone

Market Square Renovation (1 TENth Street)

Location 1355 Market Street San Francisco CA, 94103

Project Type Office Renovation, Tenant Improvement

Project Team

Project Size

Market Square: 863,400 sf; 1 TENth Street: 400,790 sf

Completion Date


LEED Certification



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