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Stanford Health Care – Cancer Center South Bay

San Jose, CA


Stanford Health Care renovated an existing four-story facility into a state-of-the-art outpatient cancer research center. This new center, located in Los Gatos, will expand Stanford Health Care services from its main campus in Palo Alto. The new cancer center is dedicated to innovative medical practices and technology. Along with infusion treatment, bed scan, and small conference rooms, the new facility includes a Telemedicine Room for on-site medical staff to teleconference with other Stanford Health Care facilities to discuss patient treatments and medical solutions.

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projects_content_retina_stanford-cancer-2TEECOM’s Contribution

As the lead audiovisual designer, TEECOM provided innovative digital audiovisual systems including Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Epic Systems, benefiting both patients and medical staff. Located in the lobby, common areas, and at each elevator entrance, digital signage displays and directories showcase real-time activity throughout the building. These directories allow doctors and staff to instantly see what rooms are available or occupied as well as show management which rooms have recently been used where sterilization is needed. Even further, each medical staff wear an IDF tag that is wirelessly connected to digital displays showing the floor, room, and even the very conference room chair they are occupying.

In addition, a state of the art Tumor Review (visualization) Boardroom was designed to assist the staff in reviewing radiographies and images in high resolution displays, along with the capability of providing telemedicine sessions simultaneously with other facilities as well as training sessions and high-level meetings.  The divisible design of the room enables it to be used as a situation room in case of emergencies, providing connectivity for portable equipment on standby should an emergency arise.

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Behind the Walls

In the healthcare vertical, keeping patients calm and comfortable is high priority. In the new cancer center, audiovisual systems were designed to help implement an exceptional patient experience between the time of entering and exiting the facility. Patients receiving treatment in the Infusion Room will have the capability to wirelessly connect their headphones to digital displays to watch movies or listen to music to help pass the time. In the Bed Scan room, TEECOM helped coordinate the installation of a ceiling mounted entertainment system for patients to stay calm during medical scans.

Services Provided



Presentation Systems; Large-Scale Displays and Immersive Environments; Integrated Operating Room Systems

Stanford Health Care – Cancer Center South Bay

Location 2589 Samaritan Drive San Jose CA, 95124

Project Type Healthcare

Project Team

Owner: Stanford Health Care
Architect: Ratcliff

Project Size

70,000 sf

Completion Date



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