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Zeiss Graphite Office and R&D Building

Dublin, CA


Over the past ten years, optics and optoelectronics technology company Zeiss has undertaken a global investment strategy to expand and modernize its office sites worldwide. In recent months, Zeiss has completed the build-out of its latest high tech sites in Dublin, CA. The design of the Dublin location was inspired not just by Zeiss’ continued desire to remain competitive within the industry, but the company’s rich history in the science and innovation industries.

The Zeiss Innovation Center project includes a new office and R&D development. The goal was to create an efficient and dynamic space to promote a collaborative work environment, inspire employees and potential recruits, and impress customers.

TEECOM’s Solutions

TEECOM provided integrated technology design for telecommunications and security systems. Unique to the project was TEECOM’s ability to match newly developed standards for the United States. Zeiss, being a Germany based company, had most of the products being sourced out of Germany with long lead times and durations. 

The Innovation Center’s first floor consisted of lab spaces with both NDA and non-NDA areas. The non-NDA spaces were to be outsourced to clients that could access the area and perform testing and calibration on machines. The technology design of the first floor was made to be flexible so that the configuration could be changed seamlessly to support different systems. TEECOM designed the power and data in the ceiling in a grid pattern to allow Zeiss the flexibility to expand and adjust the lab spaces, as needed.

Benefit to the Client or Lessons Learned

TEECOM surveyed existing spaces based on their current use and current occupation and how it applied to the new spaces at Innovation Center. Our findings identified some spaces that weren’t ideal, leading us to address those spaces with the client and architect to bring those spaces up to standard across the board and keeping inline with their overall corporate standards and guidelines. One example we identified early on was that the IDF rooms were not big enough. TEECOM worked with the client and architect and this was rectified based on our initial design assessment.

Services Provided



IT Spaces (Entrance Facility/MPOE, MDF/MTR, IDFs/TRs, Labs)
Structured Cabling



Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (ACAMS)
Video Surveillance System (VSS)
Security Communications System (SCS)

Zeiss Graphite Office and R&D Building

Location 5300 Central Parkway Dublin CA, 94568

Project Type Science & Tech, Workplace


Architect: Gensler

GC: Turner Construction




208,650 sf


Jason O’Rear

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