Buildings last for a generation. Technology can be outdated in a year. How do you identify which technology and infrastructure will give you the flexibility to face the future? At TEECOMlabs, it’s our mission to provide clarity around how emerging technology affects the built environment and the people who use it. We test products by putting them into real-world simulations, we push the limits of systems compatibility, we prototype our own hardware and software, and we provide consulting and thought leadership.

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Imagine a world where physical space is more than a passive container; it’s an active participant in the collaborative workflows that are crucial to the success of modern business. We call this concept the socialbuilding® — a building embedded with ubiquitous connectivity, abundant data, and powerful software. The concept of a building as the platform for transformative technologies informs our vision for integrated design.

Built spaces today aren’t just infrastructure: they’re interfaces, run by software that increasingly automates systems and tasks. Recognizing this, TEECOMlabs focuses on developing software that gives a competitive advantage to our clients and makes our internal processes more efficient. We see a significant opportunity to develop products that use predictive capabilities to shape design, make buildings more comfortable and sustainable, and to improve the ease with which humans interact with technology.

The digital connection to the workspaces we inhabit has stagnated. We still use the same clunky tools we’ve always used to reserve space, control conference room AV, and navigate large facilities. Through the convergence of IT and AV, TEECOM is working to change that: the workspace for the future will make it easier to find, connect with, and control the spaces we use on a daily basis.