socialbuilding<sup>®</sup> platform

The Building as Computing Platformbuilding-as-computing-platform_380

A building’s nervous system—its data network—allows occupants to access the information and services they require wherever they are in a facility. That connectivity enables users to experience a “soft layer” of the building environment that permeates the physical space across digital devices. In smart buildings, the nervous system comprises every system in the building to monitor and maximize efficiency.

Imagine a world where physical space is more than a passive container; it’s an active participant in the collaborative workflows that are crucial to the success of modern business. We call this concept the socialbuilding® — a building embedded with ubiquitous connectivity, abundant data, and powerful software. The concept of a building as the platform for transformative technologies informs our vision for integrated design.

Beyond the Smart BuildingBeyond-the-smart-building_140

How do we move beyond the smart building to make experiences in the built environment as compelling as possible? How does technology drive that experience? The rapid and dramatic rise of the technology-driven experience necessitates looking to the future of technology so that we make informed decisions about technology in the present.

In the socialbuilding®, systems integrated through open standards produce new cooperative operational paradigms. AI provides an intelligence that anticipates needs. Building components that were once seen as distinct and disparate blend together to deliver unprecedented environmental efficiency, while simultaneously delighting occupants and minimizing operational costs.



Cohesive Digital InfrastructureCohesive-Digital-Infrastructure_380

As systems blend into a cohesive digital infrastructure, the building itself—the sum of the systems—will become an autonomous computing platform, allowing owners and occupants alike to upgrade their spaces with simple app downloads. Critical to the operation of these advanced facilities will be making location information available for occupants, devices, and infrastructure, so indoor positioning systems (GPS for indoor spaces) must provide accurate position information throughout the building.

Deep Software/Hardware Integration

The socialbuilding® platforms deliver personalized information based on context. It’s a simple concept, but to deliver such an advanced experience to building occupants requires deep software/hardware integration and advanced planning.Object-Lifespans_650