Introducing Lobby Transit

To kick off 2015, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Apps for Buildings suite: Lobby Transit. Lobby Transit™ is an app that makes it super simple for you to set up a real-time transit information display in your office, lobby, or coffee shop. These displays not only encourage commuting via public transit, but … Read more

Software – The Future of Buildings

David Marks, TEECOM CEO, explores a transformative paradigm shift within the built environment: from passive buildings, to buildings that engage us directly. From discovering the location of assets (whether people, a conference room, or a desk for a couple of hours) to simply launching a presentation (based upon location) in user friendly manner – the way in which we live, work, play, and inspire within buildings is changing.

David Marks and The socialbuilding® Platform

Imagine a world where physical space is not merely a passive container but rather an active participant in the collaborative workflows that are crucial to the success of modern business. We call this concept the socialbuilding® platform — a building at the confluence of ubiquitous connectivity, abundant data, and powerful software.

The socialbuilding® Platform: Buildings for the Future

Over the last decade, the technology industry has succeeded in making nearly every object in the built environment “connected.” We are no longer mere occupants of space but rather participants in an interactive environment that spans both physical and digital worlds. And while we’ve spent decades honing our ability to create beautiful, comfortable and inspiring physical spaces, the same can’t be said of our ability to design coherent digital experiences.