Thoughts on Current Events

David Marks

I am disgusted with the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many other Black people who go unmentioned or receive little attention. This weekend, a former high-school classmate of mine, Patrick Underwood, was shot and killed during the protests as he stood guard at the Federal Buildings in Oakland. Each of these murders is senseless. They only help to fuel the anger felt by so many, which finally erupts in violence and perpetuates the cycle. I believe that this violence will remain as long as we allow institutionalized racism, unequal justice, and perceived differences to continue.

I want TEECOM to effect change in the world by having our staff demonstrate positive behaviors that set examples for others to follow. Practices such as collaboration, creative problem-solving, and valuing opinions that are different from our own. I know these values alone are not the only actions we must take. We must be more aware of instances of institutionalized racism and encourage our staff to call attention to them to help ensure that our company and our industry is safe and inclusive.

We must proactively make our company and our industry more diverse. In many cases, we don’t end up with predominantly homogenous companies out of intentional exclusionary hiring practices. Still, we must be deliberate to correct the imbalance. TEECOM continues to work on and improve our Diversity and Inclusion program for this reason.

I expect my staff at TEECOM to hold their teammates, including me, accountable to these goals by pointing out when we fail or how we can improve. Further, I ask that as an industry, we demonstrate leadership through kindness, compassion, and empathy for our fellow humans and understand that others’ experiences can be very different from our own.

David Marks
David Marks, President and CEO

Believing that people are the key to a successful services business, David began early in his career surrounding himself with the best people, treating them like family, and giving them the tools necessary to do outstanding work for the firm’s clients. His clear-eyed vision for TEECOM has turned it into the largest integrated technology engineering firm of its kind, with a portfolio of clients who demand the most innovative solutions.