Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisual technologies are critical to enable local, mobile, and global collaboration, convey ideas, and entertain. We delight in creating audiovisual collaboration solutions that turn themselves on when they’re needed and off when they’re not, saving energy and maintenance costs. We create high-performance solutions that are simple, easy to use, reliable, flexible, and, most importantly, value-driven.

Large-Scale Displays

LED (light-emitting diode) technology produces displays with vibrant color and tremendous brightness; these are the systems we see in places from Times Square to enterprise boardrooms and lobbies. TEECOM designs these systems with sensitivity to each application’s specific technical and architectural requirements and budget.

Information Visualization

While all audiovisual systems must be reliable, those supporting monitoring and management of critical traffic, network, and other 24/7 operations must provide flawless dependability and impeccable legibility. TEECOM engineers these systems with appropriate respect for the decisions they support and gravity of their importance. We design using forward-looking technology that has proven its capabilities on other projects.

Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) provide intelligible audio to audience members or meeting participants with hearing disabilities. TEECOM reviews the specific needs of each space to determine the appropriate ALS technology. Depending on the space size and audiovisual functional requirements, ALS technologies may be required by law.

Remote Presentation

While the same AV components facilitate remote collaboration and education everywhere from huddle rooms to lecture halls, it is our knowledge of how to select the appropriate devices for each application and integrate them functionally and esthetically that sets TEECOM apart. Because of our visibility to audiovisual manufacturers – the result of the quantity and quality of systems we annually design – they come to us for input on product design. Our clients benefit when the requirements we articulate to manufacturers become the features we employ in our system designs.

Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL)

TEAL rooms bring flipped learning to an increasing proportion of college and university classes. These systems were initially very expensive and fairly inflexible. Through the use of wireless technology, some from companies on whose advisory boards TEECOM participates, TEAL is simultaneously becoming more affordable and more flexible. These benefits allow its use in more classrooms and enable it to support a greater variety of pedagogies.

How Can TEECOM Help?

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