Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): The Future of VOIP

Editorial Team

With the changing nature of how and where people work, we often find that people want their clients and colleagues to reach them no matter where they may be. Smartphones and tablets provide us with features and ease of use that often are unavailable in traditional enterprise phone systems. 

Many organizations offer or have contemplated a Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D) policy that allows employees to use their smartphone as a cell phone outside of the office and as a fully functioning office phone when within the office or connected remotely over a VPN. 

Hybrid of Both Traditional and Mobile

The ability to use a personal smartphone in this way creates complexity within the office infrastructure and systems in order to deliver a reliable and seamless experience. TEECOM helps its clients find optimal solutions, often a hybrid of both traditional and mobile, to give people this seamless experience, which requires integration between the wired and wireless infrastructure, network components, software, programming, and training. Watch Mark Spindler, TEECOM’s VoIP Systems Engineer, illustrate how the future of VoIP is delivered through seamless integration between the cellular network and the Wi-Fi network on an integrated enterprise technology infrastructure.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team, TEECOM | Engage

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