Occupancy Measurement Systems

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, TEECOM believed that occupancy measurement would soon become a standard feature of commercial real estate to provide data-driven user experience and portfolio management solutions. We leverage partnerships with leading manufacturers and design occupancy systems that integrate with other systems for optimal effectiveness and minimal cost.


Reoccupying Facilities During COVID-19

Integrate with Digital Signage

As people return to workplaces, schools, healthcare, and other types of facilities, integrated occupancy measurement systems can provide the following benefits:

  • Alert staff on screens or personal devices when a space has exceeded maximum person count for appropriate social distancing;
  • Trigger an alarm when people are too close together;
  • Help staff navigate facilities to available spaces and sanitizer / PPE resources;
  • Indicate when and where extra sanitization is required after a space saw heavy use;
  • Monitor breaches in policy;
  • Reduce risk of an outbreak or liability should one occur.


Watch a video demonstrating how integrated occupancy systems could alert building users.

Long-Term Portfolio Management Solutions

Data and Analytics

Over the long term, integrated occupancy measurement systems can provide the following benefits:

  • Space optimization based on data and analytics;
  • Enhanced user experiences, including wayfinding, automatic room and hot-desk booking, automatic environmental controls, automatic starting of videoconferences or AV systems;
  • Reductions in energy use from integrations with environmental controls, as compared with passive infrared sensors;
  • Optimization of future facilities based on analytics.

Occupancy Report

Occupancy Report

TEECOM conducted two years of research and experimentation, evaluating 35 occupancy measurement technologies across 14 criteria. We presented our findings and recommendations in our 68-page report Optimizing Built Spaces Through Occupancy Data: An In-Depth Analysis of Occupancy Measurement Technologies and Solutions.

How Can TEECOM Help?

We have relationships with the manufacturers of the most effective technologies produced to date. We understand how to deploy occupancy measurement systems so they integrate with the other technology systems in the building, including Wi-Fi, security, and AV systems, maximizing their utility and minimizing costly change orders as projects are constructed.

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