Why We Exist

David Marks founded TEECOM in 1997 recognizing that advances in networking called for an integrated approach to designing electronic systems in buildings. Since the advent of the smartphone, user expectations for integrated technology experiences in buildings have only increased. A well-informed and well-executed integrated systems strategy is vital to deliver positive user experiences that increase productivity and staff retention and to minimize the costs of construction, operations, and upgrades.

How We Provide Value

TEECOM’s engineering approach delivers integrated systems that perform reliably, align with our client’s objectives, and retain the foundational flexibility to allow cost-effective upgrades. With subject matter experts in all technology systems, we design, coordinate, and document multiple systems simultaneously, resulting in fewer scope gaps and tighter contract documents. With more certified professionals and a higher percentage of Professional Engineers (PEs) than our competitors, we solve complex challenges faster, more creatively, and with fewer errors. These advantages deliver the best solutions for our clients and save them millions in construction and operational costs.

Our R&D Group

Because technology continues to advance rapidly, we have invested in our own R&D group, TEECOMlabs. This team of software developers, UX specialists, and data analysts tracks emerging trends, tests new products, and develops internal tools. They ensure that our clients make the most informed investments and that our teams operate with maximum efficiency.