Partnering for Client Success

TEECOM dedicates an Account Executive (AE) to all major accounts. Our AEs take the time to understand our client’s business goals and strategize how to advance them. Understanding TEECOM’s full range of expertise, they align our resources with client challenges, anticipating the need for us to add staff as programs ramp up. Deep familiarity with the vertical enables our AEs to anticipate problems before they arise and initiate tactical discussions to address them. Committed to customer satisfaction, our AEs solicit feedback and encourage transparency, driving continuous improvement.

Optimizing User Experience

Technology is supposed to make it easier for people to do their jobs, not harder. We design integrated technology systems and provide guidelines and standards that help organizations build in different resource pools while maintaining a consistent, high-quality user experience. We minimize change orders by having a high proportion of licensed and certified professionals and rigorously QA/QC our drawings and documentation.

Subject Matter Experts

Technology is constantly advancing, and selecting the right systems and products is critical to supporting business objectives and budgets. From the latest efficiencies, to emerging needs of hybrid environments, to immersive experiences, we keep organizations ahead of the curve. Our subject matter experts and in-house R&D team listen to clients, understand their business objectives, and help determine what is right for them.