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CalPERS Headquarters

Sacramento, CA

CalPERS Headquarters TEECOM

OverviewCalPERS Headquarters TEECOM

The California Public Employees Retirement System built a 550,000 sf, six floor office complex to expand their existing headquarters. The project included a 1,000 space underground parking garage, approximately 20,000 sf of commercial space for retail, and a child care center open to the public. In addition approximately 180 residential units will be developed along the project frontage. The expansion included a new building with two U-shaped wings: Lincoln Plaza East and Lincoln Plaza West.

(Photograph ©Lawrence Anderson)

CalPERS Headquarters TEECOMTEECOM’s Contribution

TEECOM developed the security commissioning specifications. The new security system was to communicate with the existing CalPERS security system. The commissioning/testing included testing on new security equipment and interface to existing systems, life safety interface, fire alarm interface, and other building security systems interfaces to verify installation and system functionality.

(Photograph ©Lawrence Anderson)

Benefits to the Client

The security system included a never before integrated solution. As with an first additions many things were not functioning correctly or not to the full design intent. TEECOM worked with the security consultant and systems integrator on behalf of the owner to resolve issued detected during functional testing. TEECOM’s oversight was critical to helping the owner get a fully functioning and reliable system, that meet the design criteria.

Services Provided



Security System Commissioning; CCTV Systems; Access Control and Alarm Monitoring; Intercom; Intrusion Detection; Emergency Phone Systems

CalPERS Headquarters

Location 400 Q Street Sacramento CA, 95811

Project Type Government Building

Project Team

Project Size

550,000 sf

Completion Date


LEED Certification



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