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Expo 2020 Dubai – Sustainability Pavilion

Dubai, UAE

Project Overview

The Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will likely be the world’s largest net-zero-energy building. It will offer a journey of education, discovery, and humor intended to revolutionize attitudes at a moment when the accelerating impacts of climate change, environmental pollution, and social inequity represent a critical intersection for our planet and our species. The pavilion will become a permanent museum once the Expo closes. Expo 2020 Dubai is scheduled to open in October 2021.

TEECOM Services

Grimshaw Architects are leading the architectural design on the project, with Thinc Design responsible for overall visitor experience, and Eden Project as the content partner. TEECOM is delivering technology design as part of the Thinc team. Global collaboration, both in person and remotely, draws on the talents of TEECOM staff in Brighton, UK and Oakland, U.S.

Benefit to the Client

TEECOM’s services are enabling the team to implement a groundbreaking immersive experience, bringing to life fantastically creative concepts and doing so in the desert for about a quarter of the energy such a facility would typically require.

Services Provided



Large-Scale Displays; Sound Systems; Projection Systems; Controls

Immersive environments

Immersive environments

Multimedia Systems

Expo 2020 Dubai – Sustainability Pavilion

Location Dubai

Project Type

Net Zero Building / Culture and Exhibit Halls

Project Team

Owner: Expo 2020 / EMAAR
Architect: Grimshaw Architects
Visitor Experience: Thinc Design
General Contractor: ASGC
Project Manager: Turner

Completion Date



Interior renderings courtesy of Thinc Design. Exterior renderings courtesy of Grimshaw Architects. Expo 2020 Dubai logo courtesy of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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