TEECOMlabs: Exploring Near Future Technology


“Where is technology headed?” TEECOM’s Research & Development group arose out of conversations with our clients who seek to identify the impact of emerging technology on building design and occupants. Faced with the disparity between the longevity of buildings and the rapid advancement of technology, we’ve focused our leadership on anticipating potentially disruptive new processes, understanding how emerging technologies might integrate with the built environment, and planning to ensure that technology enhances our personal experiences with buildings, rather than potentially alienating or confusing people.


Establishing a lab space for innovation at TEECOM HQ offers us the opportunity to experiment with cutting-edge hardware and software in a controlled environment, to test out ideas for our clients, and to put new devices through their paces.

At TEECOMlabs, it’s our mission to provide clarity around how emerging technology affects the built environment and the people who use it. We test products by putting them into real-world simulations, we push the limits of systems compatibility, we prototype our own hardware and software, and we provide consulting and thought leadership.