Telecommunication Systems

Our telecom expertise spans structured cabling systems, pathway systems, and IT equipment spaces. Our licensed Professional Engineers (PE) and Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) design cable systems, pathway systems, and equipment spaces that are highly constructible, functional, flexible, and cost-effective. With our strong internal telecom program, our experts share experiences and success among our engineers to further accelerate problem-solving capabilities.

Outside Plant Cabling (OSP)

Campuses and large-scale facilities such as hospitals, universities, research centers, and industrial plants require something that commercial buildings don’t — OSP cabling. OSP is often a project within a project, requiring a unique set of skills to produce efficient and cost-effective layouts. Routing an underground conduit system on an existing and crowded campus without thorough research, planning around existing infrastructure, and developing options puts too much responsibility on the construction team and too much cost risk on the owner. TEECOM possesses the expertise needed to design underground and aerial OSP pathways and cabling systems that are expandable, reconfigurable, and resilient.

Inside Plant Structured Cabling (ISP)

TEECOM’s mastered approach to the design for ISP structured cabling is straightforward while adhering to the most current industry standards and guidelines. TEECOM’s unparalleled experience and expertise with structured cabling have equipped our engineers to design systems beyond most common applications. Documentation is just as important as the actual layout — for design, for permitting, and for bidding/construction. Even a good design can go awry during construction if it is poorly documented. We are renowned for our clear, accurate, and complete drawings and specifications.


A good pathway design is much more than drawing lines on plans, and most of the time can be quite challenging. It’s not just about designing for construction — it’s also about ongoing maintenance and future use by the owner. We accept this challenge knowing exactly what contractors need on drawings to build from during construction and what owners need from pathways after construction. We strive to make pathway layouts useful to the in-house and outsourced technicians who will perform moves, adds, or changes (MAC) work. Our design approach goes even further into the future by anticipating interior renovations — our approach is to minimize the impact (and renovation costs) to building pathways and to ‘modularize’ the systems so they can be reconfigured long into the future.

IT Spaces

We have a unique ability to translate network architecture diagrams into high-quality contractor cabling construction documents, including cable schedules, routing diagrams, rack elevations, and pathway coordination. Because our construction documents communicate the concept with a high level of detail, competitive bidding is more accurate and wasted time is minimized at the construction phase. We design telecom systems for Main Telecom Rooms (MTR), Telecom Rooms (TR), Server Rooms, Data Centers, and Hyperscale Data Centers.

How Can TEECOM Help?

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