Three Ways VR Adds Value to the AEC Workflow

Luke Goodloomis

Virtual Reality is quickly evolving from toy to tool in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. As designers find ways for the technology to make tasks easier, TEECOM senior design engineer Luke Goodloomis discusses three key areas where VR can benefit workflow. His conclusions are based on research he conducted as part of TEECOM’s in-house “VR Challenge,” which documented the use of virtual reality.

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Luke Goodloomis
Luke Goodloomis, Associate Principal

As an audiovisual design engineer and project manager at TEECOM, Luke strives to improve his corporate clients’ lives. The user experience is his primary focus. So often, complicated or improperly installed AV is a pain point for clients. Luke designs AV so the technology is seamless to workflow and enjoyable to use. He believes that clients should be able to interact with the technology in their spaces intuitively.