6 Ways We Created a Better Place to Work in 2018

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It’s About the Experience

In 2018, we welcomed 32 new employees to TEECOM. Throughout our growth, we’ve focused on maintaining a close-knit workplace culture that encourages employees to explore their areas of interest and maintain a healthy work/life blend. Here’s how we created a better place to work in 2018:

  1. Supported 15 new licenses/certifications by paying for staff study time and materials;
  2. Led 98 fitness sessions in our flexible all-hands space, including an all-day Wellness Fair;
  3. Enabled $35,000 in employee-to-employee bonuses via Bonusly;
  4. Celebrated with 21 staff luncheons, happy hours, and parties full of delicious healthy food;
  5. Developed and deployed 19 automated Revit tools to staff to make workflow easier;
  6. Held 68 expert-led classes to boost skills through TEECOMuniversity.

All this is on top of our excellent pay range, great benefits, and consistent mentorship.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at TEECOM: Check out the TEECOMexperience.

Editorial Team
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