Bike to Hope: Merging Passion with Giving Back

Brooke Bartholomew

In 2014, TEECOM was invited to join the City of Hope’s Northern California Real Estate & Construction Council Bike to Hope event. TEECOM’s giving back program, TEECOMcares, supports our community and the organizations our employees care about most. With many avid cyclists in the office who ride weekly, and some who even bike to work every day, we saw an opportunity to blend our employees’ passion for cycling with our giving back program.

Bike to Hope 2015

With one Bike to Hope under our belt, TEECOM was eager to sponsor and participate again in the Northern California Real Estate & Construction Industry’s 4th Annual Bike to Hope presented by Hudson Pacific Properties and bring our team together for another organized cycling event.

Bike to Hope offers two distance options: Century and Half Century. To train for the ride, our team gathered together on weekends to practice and help build up moral. Along with our team veterans, we had one family member and two recently hired employees join our team who also shared a passion for cycling. This event allowed our new employees to get to know our staff on a more personal level outside of the office environment and demonstrated our value for teamwork.

Bike to Hope 4

Meeting and Surpassing Our Goals

As a team, our goal was to raise $5,000 for City of Hope through our fundraising page. Our team reached out to clients, colleagues, family, and friends to support the cause. TEECOM also utilized its Matching Donation Program and matched all donations made to our team. Together, we surpassed our fundraising goal and raised over $6,600 for City of Hope. With this, TEECOM was the top fundraising team out of the 25 teams that participated. Even more impressive, one of our riders, Jenny Zubiate, raised over $1,300 on her own and was in the top five individual fundraisers for the event.

Bike to Hope 5

Aside from raising funds, Bike to Hope had a major impact on our individual riders. Three of our riders who originally signed up for the Half-Century switched to the Century, even though none of them had ever ridden this far before. On the day of the event, all three crossed the Century finish line. Although weekend trainings helped, it was our team that made a huge impact on helping them reach their goal. Our Principal, Kenneth Webb Jr., was one of the first TEECOM riders to cross the finish line. Instead of waiting at the finish for others to arrive, he rode back up the trail to find his fellow riders and helped push them to finish strong. Kenneth ended up crossing the finish line three different times along side other TEECOM riders.

Bike to Hope 2

TEEm Effort

One of our new riders explained that this event showed him how much TEECOM truly cares. Along with the support of our entire staff with raising funds, a few employees who were not a part of the race were waiting at the finish line to congratulate the team on their accomplishments. This event brought together not only our cyclists but the entire TEECOM TEEm.

Bike to Hope

As Ben Shemuel, TEECOM’s Audiovisual Department Lead and Bike to Hope team captain stated, “it was a great ride. Thank you to all who participated and those who supported our TEEm.” Our team can’t wait to see what next year’s event brings and to continue to sponsor and support both Bike to Hope and City of Hope.

Bike to Hope 3
To learn more about Bike to Hope, City of Hope, our giving back program, and the other local organizations TEECOM supports, visit our Giving Back page. 

Brooke Bartholomew
Brooke Bartholomew,

Whether she is managing a project pursuit or designing website graphics, Brooke is an expert in of all facets of marketing. She also makes time to give back to the community leading TEECOM’s giving back program, TEECOMcares, and is a committee participant for the Society of Marketers for Professional Services (SMPS) San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.