Q1 2018: Research & Development

When TEECOM established our Research & Development group ten years ago, it grew out of the need to address the number one question we heard from clients: What’s next for technology? “What’s next” is a primary driver in business, science, and culture. But how do we know that what we build today will be able to handle emerging technologies? At TEECOMlabs, we test products by putting them into real-world simulations, we push the limits of systems compatibility, we prototype our own hardware and software, and we provide consulting and thought leadership. We’re advancing understanding of how artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and other technologies change our relationship to the built environment.

Creating a Personality for Buildings: Part One
Posted by Jake Tesler
TEECOMlabs: Exploring Near Future Technology
Posted by Editorial Team
TEECOM Research Saves Hospital Client $184,800 in Hardware Costs
Posted by Gil Lopez
Buy or Build? Why TEECOM Created a Contact Management Tool In-House
Posted by Editorial Team
Announcing Lobby Transit for Portland, Oregon
Posted by Ellen Phillips
Answering the Client Experience Call: TEECOMdoorbell
Posted by Editorial Team

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  • Creating a Personality for Buildings: Part One

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    Every building has character, a personality, thanks to its design, its context, its inhabitants. In the future, every building may be a personality, as artificial intelligence increasingly provides once-inert spaces with a voice and the ability to act. This shift will require designers and architects to think in new ways about how inhabitants relate to buildings. … Read more

  • TEECOMlabs: Exploring Near Future Technology

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    “Where is technology headed?” TEECOM’s Research & Development group arose out of conversations with our clients who seek to identify the impact of emerging technology on building design and occupants. Faced with the disparity between the longevity of buildings and the rapid advancement of technology, we’ve focused our leadership on anticipating potentially disruptive new processes, understanding … Read more