Buildings: The Ultimate Smartphone Accessory

Alex Serriere

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of presenting at KA Connect 2014, where I shared a few thoughts on the future of buildings. As Director of Research, I am tasked with looking at how the latest technology trends and the ever-changing, end-user expectations around that technology will impact the way we design and occupy buildings for the future. To that end, I spoke about the emerging trend and expectations shift resulting from the new responsibility demanded of buildings and the spaces within them: they are quickly becoming the ultimate smartphone accessory.

With smartphones, the line between “accessories” and the primary device or activity is blurring. From the $100 fitness tracker, to the $1,000 bicycle, to a $25,000 car, and all the way up to the multi million dollar building, none of these things reach their full potential without deep integration of the end-user’s personal, mobile technology. The high performance buildings for the future that delight and engage their occupants must bridge digital and physical space through deep and seamless integration of hardware and software across fixed and mobile technologies. That is the goal TEECOM is working towards: ensuring the spaces we create are the ultimate accessories for technology, built from the ground up with that technology front of mind.

Check out the video below for the full presentation.


Alex Serriere
Alex Serriere, Principal, Executive Vice President

Alex keeps our engineers and our clients up-to-date with the latest technology. His research enables TEECOM to keep clients informed about how technology is expected to evolve over the life of a project. As the head of TEECOM's software development team, TEECOMlabs, Alex is constantly working on new ways for software to improve the built environment.