Critical Milestones: Procurement, Installation, and Task Management

Kenneth Webb Jr.

By identifying critical milestones early in the project, TEECOM gives its clients the ability to make decisions on items such as procurement, installation, and task management.

Standardized Tools

Without the use of TEECOM’s standardized tools our clients would not be able to forecast these important design factors. As stated by Kenneth Webb, TEECOM’s VP of Operations, “This is a critical path, and technology needs to be thought of, not as an after thought, but as a fore thought, as to how important it is, and to get it on the schedule.”

Kenneth Webb Jr.
Kenneth Webb Jr., Principal, Executive Vice President

Our vast processes can be a challenge for new engineers when they join the TEEm. Kenneth’s goal is to streamline and distribute them to enable TEECOM to operate at peak efficiency. Kenneth fine-tunes the TEECOM work processes by disseminating knowledge, adopting new tools and templates, and improving the work environment.