Introducing Lobby Transit

Alex Serriere

To kick off 2015, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Apps for Buildings suite: Lobby Transit.

Lobby Transit

Lobby Transit™ is an app that makes it super simple for you to set up a real-time transit information display in your office, lobby, or coffee shop. These displays not only encourage commuting via public transit, but also serve to brighten any space with a little dynamic digital signage.  All you need is an iOS device, a large screen, and, of course, the Lobby Transit app.

Lobby Transit currently supports three major Bay Area transit agencies: BART, Muni Metro, and Caltrain with plans to add more in the near future. After launching the app, select a transit agency and then select from the list of stops or stations to show the real-time departures for that location. Choose a background and visual theme that compliment your organization’s branding and look great in your space. If you purchase the full version of Lobby Transit, you can add a custom message to the title bar to make the display your own.

Lobby Transit in your office!

We’ve had several iterations of real-time transit displays running in our office for quite some time.  And while we’ve had many positive comments and interest in the installation, when the conversation turned to how someone could replicate our deployment, we didn’t have a good answer. And even when we explained the details, we found that the level complexity was a barrier that most organizations weren’t able to overcome.

So we spent some time thinking about how we might make deploying Lobby Transit easier and the solution was clear: make it an app. An iOS device connected to an external display is a great all-in-one digital signage device with local storage, network connectivity, and even remote monitoring with the right configuration. We went off to design and build something that would be easy to deploy, look great in any space, and, most importantly, allow everyone to make the experience in their buildings that much better.

We’re extremely pleased with how it’s turned out and we hope you’ll send along pictures of your own installation! Download Lobby Transit in the App Store today, or check out the Lobby Transit page on our Apps for Buildings site.

Alex Serriere
Alex Serriere, Principal, Executive Vice President

Alex keeps our engineers and our clients up-to-date with the latest technology. His research enables TEECOM to keep clients informed about how technology is expected to evolve over the life of a project. As the head of TEECOM's software development team, TEECOMlabs, Alex is constantly working on new ways for software to improve the built environment.