How to Prepare Your Network for the IoT: A Checklist

Bob Fluegge

Prepping Your Network for the Internet of Things: A Checklist for Owners and Design Providers

Worried about IoT security? Stymied by network design considerations? To make sure your network has the speed and security necessary to support the technology your workforce wants, including but not limited to the Internet of Things, you’ll need to ask the right questions of your IT/telecommunications designer. Our IoT checklist addresses design considerations, technical considerations, and best practices. Sample questions include:

  • How will you protect your devices from hacking?
  • Are the telecom rooms powered and cooled to support the full PoE load?
  • What happens if there is a sub-second, second, minute, hour or day connectivity loss?
Bob Fluegge
Bob Fluegge, Principal Consultant

Bob is TEECOM's expert in designing optimal Wi-Fi connectivity. His understanding of network standards, access point mapping, and range enables him to help clients build robust network infrastructures. Bob has also built a personal network of industry partners who respect his opinions and appreciate the value he brings to each project.