Lessons in Technology User Interface Design

Alex Serriere

TEECOM’s Oakland office is practically on top of the 12th Street BART station, so it just makes sense to give our staff a convenient way of checking train departure times. And while there are lots of real time BART information displays, this one is uniquely ours. Starting with an existing open-source project, we improved the functionality by making the signage readable from across the office.

Line-specific colored bars represent the amount of time left before the next train departs. Shorter bars mean hurry up! And when you’re not in a hurry, it’s kind of mesmerizing to watch them tick down as trains approach. It also shows the local weather and current time.

Real Time Bart Display

If you’re into the tech that powers a display like this, the content is a dynamic web page in a full screen Chromium window. The browser runs on a tiny Raspberry Pi connected to our network via Wi-Fi. Data sources include the BART for weather, and a few of these great historical BART pictures from Eric Fischer.

We already have list of future enhancements, but first and foremost, we’ll be adding a second screen to show even more useful data.

Alex Serriere
Alex Serriere, Principal, Executive Vice President

Alex keeps our engineers and our clients up-to-date with the latest technology. His research enables TEECOM to keep clients informed about how technology is expected to evolve over the life of a project. As the head of TEECOM's software development team, TEECOMlabs, Alex is constantly working on new ways for software to improve the built environment.