Network-Enabled Audiovisual Equipment Go-Live Best Practices

Editorial Team

Take Your Networked Devices Live with Confidence 

When you have multiple devices on a network, the launch moment can be a nail-biter. In this white paper, we present a systematic approach to deployment designed to mitigate network conflicts. Our approach is based on lessons learned working with installation and construction teams and Information Services/IT personnel on more than 150 successful projects.

Areas covered by the white paper include:

  • Identification of key documentation and communication protocols.
  • What information should be included in network standards.
  • Scope and responsibility parameters.

As new technologies are deployed, unforeseen issues are unavoidable. Having a plan in place to address these issues is key. 

If you don’t have the resources in-house to manage your IT rollout, you may be interested in learning more about TEECOM’s IT Project Management services. Read “7 Signs Your Building Project Needs an IT Project Manager.”

Editorial Team
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