TEECOMfit: Creating a Culture of Wellness, One Step at a Time

Christina de la Cruz

TEECOM planking competition

Like most knowledge workers, the engineers at TEECOM get a mental workout every day, solving our clients’ problems. But physical exercise? That’s another story. Most of our work is done in front of a computer, and while we have redesigned our offices to encourage movement and changes of posture, we face the same challenges most people do: how do we motivate ourselves to exercise, and how do we fit it into the day-to-day routine?

That’s why, last Friday, TEECOM held our first Wellness Fair. The goal for the day-long program was to kick-start a culture of fitness that educates our TEEm and encourages us to “make the healthier choice” in terms of food, fitness, and work/life blend.

To set a starting point for healthier choice goals, participants received a private analysis of their blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides through Maxim, a company that offers on-site health screenings.

Then came the fun stuff. We held challenges for the weighted hula hoop, planking, and jump rope. We made fruit and greens smoothies on blender bicycles from Rock the Bike. We got a tai chi and kung fu demonstration. We learned about Whil, an online mindfulness program. We ate a healthy TEEm lunch catered by Greens & Grains. And we got 30-minute chair massages!

Most of the activities took place in our all-hands space, which meant that people could drop in to participate throughout the day as their schedule allowed. Feedback about the Wellness Fair was very positive. People described it as “fun,” “inspiring,” and “AWESOME.”


Now the hard part. How do we keep the momentum going?

One way is to make the healthier choice the easier choice. Through our TEECOMfit program, we offer activities for a variety of fitness levels. We have Fitness Friday walks for people who are not into high-impact exercise, and Workout Wednesday high-intensity aerobics for people who are. We have an office shower and locker room and we provide toiletries so you don’t have to bring your own. We have lockers so you can keep your workout clothes here.

Every new employee receives a FitBit so they can track their progress. Some TEEm members have set up competitions through the FitBit app, and some simply compete against themselves.

Finally, we’re launching a FitPoints program to incentivize healthy choices. By participating in TEECOMfit programs, you earn FitPoints that can be used to purchase swag like t-shirts, backpacks, gift cards – even an upgraded FitBit.

TEECOM weighted hula competition

Every month there will be a new food and fitness challenge that will be worth points. This month the challenge is to drink 8 glasses of water a day and to stretch at your desk several times a week. The level of difficulty of these challenges will ramp up throughout the year.

Ultimately the goal is simple: to create a healthier, happier, and more productive TEEm. Wellness complements our core values at TEECOM. We genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of every employee! Healthier TEEm members are happier TEEm members, and that adds value to the work we do for our clients.

Christina de la Cruz
Christina de la Cruz, Associate

Christina's focused leadership of TEECOM’s internal wellness, client appreciation, and social programs keeps us healthy, grateful, and connected. She plans the firm’s annual Wellness Fair and TEECOMfit challenges, as well as our monthly all-hands meetings, TEEm lunches and happy hours. And, as our TEEm continues to grow, she keeps us on track by assisting with facilities planning and administrative strategy.