Three Reasons to Use Smart Power Supplies in Your Project Today

Jeff Smith

One weekend last winter, the access control system malfunctioned at a company’s satellite offices in a California suburb. The first simple solution, as your IT department will tell you with so many modern technologies, was to reset the system by cycling the power off and on again. Unfortunately, there was no one on site who knew where the locked panels were located or had the ability to access the electrical circuit breakers.

An after-hours technician was called, traveled to the site and cycled the electrical power, bringing the system back online and functioning correctly. The company ended up paying hundreds of dollars for after-hours service to implement this simple fix. Could it have been avoided?

The answer is yes. Today’s networked, intelligent power solutions integrated with access control platforms support the ability to proactively monitor and diagnose potential failures ahead of a problem and to reboot field devices and manage batteries remotely. When integrated natively into the access controller board, the power system reports to and provides alert notifications to the Security Management System (SMS) and can also provide a detailed history and assessment of power. These new power solutions offer building owners and service providers advantages in three important areas.

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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith, Principal, Vice President

Jeff puts his decades of experience across all physical security disciplines to work creating systems that will last for the lifespan of his clients’ buildings. He started his career as a technician doing field implementation, a perspective that informs his approach to usability and efficiency. Jeff oversees the entire security department at TEECOM and ensures that the security component of all projects is integrated within the overall technology system.