How Virtual Reality is Saving Our Clients Time and Money

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At the end of 2015, TEECOM’s president and CEO David Marks issued a company-wide challenge for staff members to come up with an application for virtual reality that would improve our workflow. Luke Goodloomis, Audiovisual Design Engineer and Project Manager, won the $10,000 prize (which he shared with others in the company who helped with research) by identifying an application, working with a vendor to establish parameters, documenting a virtual reality workflow, and applying VR on a current client project.

One of TEECOM’s current airport projects was an ideal test case for the use of virtual reality in design and engineering. The project employs a hybrid construction method where design occurs simultaneously with construction. There are upwards of six architects involved, with TEECOM contracted to a construction team subcontractor. A lot of coordination needs to happen in this political landscape and hierarchy of communication, and it doesn’t follow normal processes or timelines.

Luke’s scope as a design engineer on the project includes the overhead paging system. At the point where design needed to happen, the drawing sets were rough. “We couldn’t design to it,” said Luke. “We had no idea what we were looking at. But they had a model – everything was being modeled in Revit and additionally modeled for clash detection.” Luke saw an opportunity to bring these 3D Revit models into a virtual environment so that the designers could actually walk through the space and see the elements in situ. His research into vendors that could provide this experience led him to InsiteVR.

InsiteVR provides a VR solution that works on smart phones. This makes it more agile than other VR technologies that require a workstation and a tethered headset and are one-to-one solutions: one workstation, one model, one piece of software per person.

“For the collaborative workspace at the airport, where we work with 300-400 other designers, that just didn’t make sense. We want to be able to have a collaborative experience. InsiteVR is a phone and a headset and you can run around using video game controllers,” Luke said.

Learn more about the virtual reality workflow at TEECOM and how it’s saving clients time and money in the video below.

Editorial Team
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