Healthcare Sector

While many seek the “hospital of the future,” advocating expensive technologies that have yet to be proven in practice, TEECOM believes in guiding clients to deliver the “hospital for the future,” with a well-informed technology strategy and flexible technology infrastructure. 


Project Experience

Over the past 20 years, TEECOM has provided strategic consulting, design and engineering, and project management services on more than 90 healthcare projects in the United States. Many of these projects were situated within existing hospitals. TEECOM has been able to upgrade technology systems in the existing buildings to align with those in the new buildings so hospital staff only have to use one set of systems. We have been able to maintain existing system functionality throughout the project and then launch the new systems in both existing and new facilities simultaneously upon completion of construction. We also have experience with and advocate for integrated project delivery (IPD) and working in a “big room” environment.


Our Approach

Drawing on our in-house Research & Development team, TEECOMlabs, we provide clients with a realistic appraisal of which technologies will impact their facility in the foreseeable future. We design a technology infrastructure with the “foundational flexibility” to minimize the cost and disruption of future upgrades. Because hospital projects can take a decade to complete, and technologies can become obsolete or change drastically in price during this time, we take a “last responsible moment” approach, specifying requirements for budgeting and planning early on and making the final selections and design confirmations for procurement and installation.

OSHPD Experience

TEECOM has saved multiple projects hundreds of thousands of dollars by gaining OSHPD approval for a new approach to cabling systems. We also have experience with the incremental OSHPD review approach. Our technical staff meet frequently to discuss challenges and lessons learned, and the ever changing OSHPD requirements are a recurring topic. Because TEECOM is actively working on projects in the OSHPD review cycle, we can share lessons learned and what the OSHPD reviewers are looking for in each technology system. This approach allows us to reduce the number of OSHPD comments on future projects.


Facility Types

  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Research and Laboratories


  • Nurse Call
  • Security
  • Distributed Antenna (DAS)
  • Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRCS)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Data Network
  • Voice
  • Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • Wireless Personal Communications
  • Patient Entertainment and Education
  • Telecom