Higher Education

Each class of students brings greater expectations for the role technology will play in their world. Competitive institutions exceed those expectations. TEECOM designs a technology infrastructure that enables campuses to push the bounds of performance with maximum efficiency and flexibility for the future.

Project Experience

TEECOM has designed and helped deliver telecom, security, audiovisual, network, wireless, cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS), and acoustics for over 250 higher education facilities across the US. Our experience extends from helping institutions shape the technology strategy for a new building — determining which technologies are needed to best support the building functions — to designing and engineering the systems, to project management: seeing the project from strategy to design and engineering to procurement, installation, and commissioning.

Our Approach

As an integrated technology consulting firm, TEECOM looks at how an integrated technology infrastructure can improve the overall user experience and introduce efficiencies that save money, time, space, and energy. It’s critical to deliver user experiences that support the purpose of the space, whether it’s communication in a large lecture hall, collaboration in a small classroom, or data visualization in a laboratory. It’s also critical to provide the capacity to support high-tech operations and the connectivity to enable wide-ranging personal device usage.



Distance Learning

Distance and hybrid learning became a trend before the pandemic and will remain one afterward. How can remote students have a similar experience to those in the classroom? TEECOM has pioneered camera approaches that give remote students a consistent view of an instructor who moves around the well, without relying on a human operator, who inevitably loses focus. We also ensure that institutions have the capacity to support a high volume of distance learning.

Facility Types

  • Classrooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Libraries
  • Science and Laboratories