Life Science / Technology

Life Science and Technology Sector

This high-growth sector presents specific infrastructure requirements along with the need for the utmost flexibility. With our knowledge of data analytics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, TEECOM delivers an integrated technology infrastructure designed to evolve.

Project Experience

TEECOM has designed and helped implement technology systems for life science and technology facilities for higher education institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Much of this work remains confidential. We have provided strategic consulting, design and engineering, and project management for telecom, audiovisual (AV), security, wireless, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and acoustics and vibration. Anticipating and preparing for rapid advances in technology, we help our clients and teams define and plan the most flexible technology infrastructure to avoid obsolescence and the need for major infrastructure upgrades only a few years after completion.

Our Approach

As a research-based technology consultant, we design integrated technology systems that reside on a single, converged network. Our AV designers create easy-to-use presentation systems that aid in teaching and collaboration. We design a fast, reliable network to support mobile devices and cloud-based systems. Where owners pursue advanced visualization and virtual reality, including CAVEs, to run simulations and parse large data sets, we provide the necessary coordination with the architecture. The increasing popularity of multi-use and moveable casework in the teaching lab setting means the technology infrastructure must support a “plug and play” approach, often via overhead service carriers, for which we also conduct advance collaboration with the whole design team.




Laboratory renovations undertaken without a dedicated technology consultant often prioritize mechanical and HVAC systems at the expense of an integrated technology infrastructure. TEECOM evaluates existing systems at the earliest stage of project planning to determine what might be repurposed and what it would be more efficient to replace. Older buildings often come with logistical challenges, such as a lack of core space that can accommodate shared equipment and tech support. TEECOM’s process is to identify challenges early and communicate proactively with the team about technology infrastructure requirements that will affect the design and schedule, maximizing cost efficiency for the client both during the renovation project and over the long term.


Facility Types & Industries Served

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Medical research laboratories
  • Bioscience research laboratories
  • Classroom laboratories
  • Technology centers
  • Biotechnology
  • Biomedical research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical/BioTech
  • Bio Manufacturing
  • BioInformatics 
  • Clinical Teaching Hospitals
  • Academic Medical Centers