Workplace Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined how we think about technology in the workplace, from using occupancy measurement to support safe practices as staff re-occupy facilities, to envisioning the workplace of the future with an even greater emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, remote collaboration, and high-impact branded spaces.

Project Experience

TEECOM has provided strategic consulting, design and engineering, and project management on over 200 corporate and commercial offices and campuses. From lobby security, to conference room AV and acoustics, to Wi-Fi and wireless access throughout the building, to integrating systems on one network, TEECOM’s expertise encompasses all the technology needs of the facility or campus. We have also delivered signature executive briefing centers and customer experience centers. TEECOM often continues to support clients after the initial engagement, helping organizations scale with maximum efficiency and maintain global technology standards and processes.



Our Approach

In contrast to MEPT (mechanical, electrical, plumbing + technology) firms, or a design-build approach that leaves much technology design to integrators, TEECOM provides the value of a dedicated technology consultant. This means thought leadership backed by extensive experience, knowledge sharing, and in-house research and development. We work with clients to understand organizational objectives and identify the best technology to achieve them. We design and engineer systems with more creativity and fewer errors thanks to our prevalence of certified engineers. Through project management, we deliver fully functioning systems on schedule. Our approach saves clients millions of dollars in the long run.

Occupancy Measurement

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, TEECOM conducted two years of research and experimentation on occupancy measurement technologies, seeing them as a system that would soon become standard in buildings. The pandemic has accelerated their adoption. TEECOM is prepared to work with clients to design and deploy occupancy measurement systems that align with their organizational objectives and integrate with their building’s other systems. The goal extends beyond safely re-occupying facilities to supporting long-term digital workplace solutions that enhance user experiences, optimize space, and reduce energy consumption.


Facility Types

  • Campuses
  • Conference Centers
  • Executive Briefing Centers
  • High-Rise
  • Offices